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Yasmin Baker

            Yasbaker is a 29 years old brunette british girl model passionate about food, games and cosplay. Her favorite motto is β€œThe most important things in life are the connections you make with others.” that is why she is so communicative and sociable. She likes to establish a connection and to meet a person the way she is. She`s really honest!


            She is a tall girl, brunette with blue eyes. Perfect match I would say! Her body has beautiful curves and her natural look makes her more sexy. She can wear everything, from gym sets to sexy dresses, and makes you wish for more. Yasmin's very attractive and dominant. 


            Yasminbaker is an amateur lingerie model. Before she was having a 9-5 day to day lifestyle but it wasn`t what she truly deserved and she decided to leave her life behind and start working for her real dream: to become a model. Today she is very happy with the choice she took and her life has really changed. She is putting all the effort creating her own creative content and shoots. She`s a very creative person, who likes to have unique clothes and pics. She likes the fashion area and is always open for new collaboration that can develop herself. 

            Yasmin is passionate about cosplay. It`s actually a thing that she recently discovered. She love to be a different person whenever she wants. In that way she can discover all her fantasies and hide thoughts. This ability is going to be a blessing for you because she can be anyone you want and like. And that`s sound really interesting! 


            She likes to travel a lot. She wants to discover new places any time she leave her country. Seeing new cities, exploring different countries, experiencing new cultures, going on a hike and being all the time active are part of her life. She loves the sea, the ocean, the freedom that those places are giving her. That`s her soul place! She live near a golf course and she can walk any time she wants, alone or with her dog. And yes, she is a dog person! 

            As mostly girls, she loves shopping and fashion. She is doing it by herself, alone and sometimes with her friend and family. She is close with her family, especially with her brother. She is caring and has such a big and warm heart.

Social Media 

            On her Instagram profile you will see a lot of photos in so many sexy costumes. She has 12,8k followers that appreciate all the 213 stunning pics that she has posted. Her natural big ass is fitting very well in every skirt, bikini and dress that she chose. You can only think about a character and she will bring it to reality. She can be a sexy cheetah or maybe a cartoon character. Anything she will wear, she will seduce you with that bouncy big ass.

            Her TikTok account held only 1706 followers but despite that she has posted some videos from her vacation, walking session or hanging out nights with her friends.             

            You can find her also on adult platform, so you have the chance to meet also the naughty part of Yasmin. She's really enjoying her time being naked with all her fetish. She also has a fucking machine. Hearing her jerking off will make you more curious and will guide you until the end of the video, when she got a double penetration. She is enjoying her anal and have some fun with her dildo too. She's getting that ass fucked until she can't take it anymore! It's a short but really hot video! And you can find more and ask for more pics and videos on her OnlyFans profile. She will please you and make you think of her ever more!

Your dreams

9.6k photos
484 video
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81.9k subscribers
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Welcome to my FREE page! I’m Yasmin, an all natural British babe who loves music, gaming, food and getting naked πŸ€ͺ read my pinned posts to get to know more details about me πŸ˜‡β€οΈ

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