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            Let me present you this beauty actress and model, Lisa Ann. She became popular for joining the adult film industry and also for her career as a radio personality. She was born in Easton, Pennsylvania, United States on May 9, 1975 and she decided to start her career in erotic dancing in 1993. Since then, she was facing a real success and now is one of the famous adult film stars on the Internet. She has been recognized as a member of AVN, XRCO, and the Urban Halls of Fame so all her dedication has been rewarded.


            Her body has a beautiful shape and her measurements are really perfect for her heights. She weighs 110 lbs (50 kg) and heights 5 ft 2 in (157 cm). Her measurements are 38DD-20-34 and her dark brown eyes and long brunette hair are mixing into a very beautiful woman. 


           She decided to became a porn star back in 1993 and she did everything to accomplish this dream. She has never been afraid to be an active part in the naughtiest vids. You can watch her enjoying a solo masturbation session or a G/G tape. She has been fucked by so many BBC at a time and she was a fan of interracial threesome. After many years in the industry, Lisa Ann OnlyFans model had breast reduction surgery immediately upon retirement in order to return to a normal life. However, she still makes occasional appearances on webcam shows and has an OnlyFans account where she shares all her talent.

           She is famous for her appearances in the MILF category and is considered one of the richest porn stars in the world. Before retiring from acting in 2014, she appeared in a total of 289 films. That`s a lot believe! With all this experience she can face any size and shape of cock. 

           She is also a writer. She has published her first book “The Life Back…for more, from less, to less is more”. This was just immediately after her retirement from the adult industry and her needs to be in a safe and quiet place. She also has a podcast up on IMDb “Dudes do better” where she`s talking with many celebrities about so many subjects like sex, politics, LGBTQ and humor. She`s an open book and a free soul!


            You can subscribe on her OnlyFans account for only $12.99 and enjoy all her adult content. With all her experience she knows exactly what you need and what to see so she will deliver the perfect porn content. From her book sales, her wine brand, collaborations on social media with different brands, her podcast and so on, her net worth has been estimated at approximately $ 8 million.


            Lisa Ann OnlyFans model is everywhere on Internet. You can easily find her on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube where she shares her life, her travel journey and her sports blog. She has created a community where she shares her personal life.


            Regarding the adult content, the Internet is full! You can watch her being part of an amazing gangbang or being fucked by a BBC. She was in love with her porn star life and enjoyed every shoot. You can watch her G/G content and her solo masturbation, reaching the best orgasm you`ll ever see. She`s squirting all over the floor and rubbing her clit at a high speed. She`s a goddess and you`ll be in love with her OnlyFans content, created at your request, just for you!


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