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When you hear the name Kira Noir what do you envision? Because we think about a chocolate skin goddess with a booty that is ready to ride a huge cock any time of the day. And that's exactly what she is. A big booty onlyfans creator that will make your heart skip a beat the second you get to see her.


Kira Noir, born in sunny California in 1994, is far from your typical pornstar onlyfans model. Kira's appearances are absolutely captivating. Her deep, chocolate skin contrasts beautifully with her brown hair, which she often rocks in box braids. Her eyes are the shade of rich mocha, and her full lips give her an alluring charm. What's truly arresting is her intense gaze that can draw you in within seconds. At 168 cm and 68 kg, she has a toned body that's solid proof of her commitment to her craft. Her belly piercing adds an extra touch of spiciness.

Net worth

Kira Noir's estimated net worth is around $4 million, thanks to her incredible success in the adult entertainment industry. Right now, her online presence is a gold mine in the making. With a free onlyfans account and over 13K subscribers, it's evident that her potential for wealth growth is significant. 


Kira Noir is at the top of our list of big booty queens, and it just takes one look at her lovely ass to see why. This sexy vixen enjoys cuming, and she especially enjoys it when she's doing it to another sizzling chick.


This pornstar onlyfans goddess is truly engaging and is always organizing fun, spontaneous giveaways, like mystery prize contests or a pair of her delicious creamed lingerie to one lucky winner. She is all about naughty games so if you think you can handle this big ass, catch her free onlyfans profile faster.


Kira's Instagram is where you can get to know her better. With a blend of mesmerizing selfies and a dash of cheekiness, she's captivating her growing audience. She's edging ever closer to that coveted first million followers, and with her unique style and personality, she's a star that's impossible to ignore.


Kira's Twitter is a delightful mix of her thoughts and her dedication to her job. Her quirky sense of humor shines through in her tweets. This isn't your typical pornstar onlyfans star; Kira is committed, and it's evident in the quality of her content. You will get some serious juicy seek peeks of those perky boobs that are begging for some action. 


How can her profile be completed without the classic PornHub profile where she completely untamed the beast inside her slutty soul? Deepthroating, sharing a huge cock with another hottie, or playing with her own tight asshole are just some ideas of what you can find there. And trust us, she is not going for a small dildo. And the best part of a blowjob? Is the facial that she gracefully takes and tastes. So hurry up and catch her big booty onlyfans account before it's too late.

Los Angeles, CA

1.3k photos
6 video
1.4k posts
12k subscribers
About Kira Noir

Public Spectacle. My only social media profiles are linked here. I do not have backup accounts. I do not have Facebook, Snapchat, Google Hangouts, etc. I don't use Telegram or Whatsapp to talk to strangers. This is the only place for me to dm and talk to my fans! Let's get to know each other.

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