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Astrobae's Biography

Over time Astrobae has become a spiritual woman from Winnetka in the United States, who transmits her wisdom and helps her clients transform their lives after meeting her. She is a brunette mentalist who has developed her ability to the point of being connected on a spiritual level with the universe. Challenging the complexity of psychic connection she makes an immense contribution to the community immersed in spiritual and esoteric energy. She is also a comedian. She conveys her messages in a serious and sarcastic way that causes a stir and is a great laugh at every presentation to her followers. She has achieved a rapid expansion in her career. 


When you manage to talk to her or listen to her, you realize that you have come to the right place, that although she does not know you, it is impressive that she may know more about you than you do. That is why she catapulted herself even more by doing card readings for rappers in one of her presentations, from there she grew so much that she did not limit herself and uses the esoteric way to transmit the gifts, given by the universe, to her followers. Although she uses astrology for her readings, crystals are also present for healing, she performs Reiki to help in the regulation of energies, meditation to connect with her extrasensory gift. @thehoodhealer is a compendium of clairvoyant woman combined with humor making her stand up an enjoyable and unique experience to change to your best version.

Astrobae's Net Worth

@thehoodhealer's net earnings are $162.7 thousand dollars a month on the Onlyfans platform alone, adding the gifts he receives for her psychic service, promotions and invitations, he reaches almost $200 thousand dollars. Her "Soul Family", as he refers to her fans, reaches 6400 subscribers.

Astrobae's Private Life

We find her on the blue platform under the stage name @thehoodhealer, but her real name is Imani Cohen. She is the mother of a beautiful 3 year old girl. She lives with her husband and daughter in the United States, specifically in a town in Cook County called Winnetka, Illinois, located north of Chicago. They live in a comfortable house with a swimming pool where she sometimes meets with family members to share. She is a spiritual African-American totally dedicated to her career, this has allowed her to travel and see beautiful places with her family.

Astrobae's Career

She started her business on August 5, 2017. From her starting point she pleased the esoteric community, so much so that she exponentially increased her followers on Instagram and Onlyfans; since then it has been bliss for @thehoodhealer.

Astrobae on Social Media

Thanking intuition at the right time, @thehoodhealer decided to show the world her life-changing gifts by being loving and authentic on her social networks. Her transparency allowed her to fit in well with the people who follow her career. Gathering 477,000 thousand followers on Instagram, you will find her as @thehoodhealer. She likewise has a Twitter account with 155.5 thousand followers finding her as AstroBae.  She has a website, being, there she shows a little bit of herself, she uses that platform as a portfolio for booking events and if you want to send her a promotion or gift she has the address on this page and times you should book. Last but not least, managing her OF account with 6,400 subscribers.


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