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Nova's Biography

Time to be in college again and what better way to do so other then by crushing on that sweet, shy, unassuming girl in the middle of the class that you're secretly having fantasies of but struggle to ask her our or think that she's too much of a good girl for your dirty mind. Nova exudes sweetheart neighbor vibes that is secretly seductive but with the right person she can show you her true colors. Get close to her and you'll have the full girlfriend experience, with sweet talks, cherished moments but also juicy sexts and teasing videos sneaked between classes edging you all day till you come home to your beautiful big breasted girlfriend that is eager to release you of all that pent-up pressure.

Nova's Net Worth

Don't underestimate her, Nova's not a helpless student, her creations brings in $46.6k ā€” $77.6k from her OnlyFans content of which she is not stingy with at all! With her 838 posts, 1119 photos in a variety of costumes and lingerie and 99 teasing videos she proved to be a hardworking rising model that is going places! 

Nova's Private Life

Not much is known about Nova as she tries to keep a low profile in her studious life so she doesn't get into trouble but snippets of her personality slip through in her posts such as the fact that she enjoys to sing and play the mandolin when she is not working hard to pay for her colleague degree. 

Another aspect of her life is that she enjoys dying her hair in multiple colors making it refreshing to see glances of it drip down her generous breasts and naked back. 

She occasionally drops small hints about her possible day jobs as a Starbucks employee so be nice to that cute counter girl as you may never know what secrets she has that you may one day know personally.

She enjoys plants which you can see in her stunning photo sessions, who knows, you might see her in the wild. 

Nova's Career

She's got mystery working in her favor filling in the well-behaved good girl niche that could be your classmate or girl next door that you think lives an ordinary life, but in secret she's into quite a lot of things. From offering the girlfriend experience to doing slow, calculated, teasing boob reveal boiling your blood as much as her shirt can hold her ladies up until they inevitably reveal themselves to you in all their bouncy goodness, be sure she will be nice to you. But looks can be deceiving as the good girl in her shirt and short jeans suddenly comes in sexy lingerie making your jaw drop at that athletic body. But it doesn't end there as she is not only into chokers as a fashion accessory but has the full outfit for your bondage pleasure so be ready some steamy wild sessions.She is no stranger to toys and they are anything but vanilla as she goes from normal dildoes to more exotic ones as her favorite blue tentacle to make your imagination go wild. And as any good student loves discounts she is running promotions such as 60% off for 31 days! so you can fall in love and stay for more as you should as she is good with her loyal subscribers.

Nova on Social media

You can follow Nova on X where you can get a glimpse of her life and free boob reveal videos in various outfits along with retweets of other sexy ladies she admires and appreciates. Shoot her a tweet or DM and see where it takes you!

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107 video
880 posts
About Nova

Ahoy matey! šŸ“ā€ā˜ ļøšŸ˜ welcome to my horny crew!

Iā€™m a sex-positive, kinky College student & love when horny strangers cum to my tight busty body!

ā€¼ļø *no ppv spam*

šŸŒ¶ *fully nude* & *daily posts*

šŸ† *love* doing cock rates

šŸ‘ I'm a *slut for anal*

šŸŒ¼ *boy/girl and solo content available* - there's something for everyone šŸ˜ˆ

šŸŒ» I *LOVE*šŸ¦šŸ„§ šŸ¤­

šŸŒ· love chatting with my fans when I'm not in class

šŸŒæ I'm fetish friendly, offer online *girlfriend experiences*, *sexting* and *customs*

šŸŒ¹ By supporting me you help me get through college and save up for my childhood dreams

ā›“ļø I'm a switch, more submissive but love experimenting with both sides

šŸ’¦ 100% cum guarantee

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Stealing content is illegal. My content is owned by me and legally protected. You may not screenshot, screen record, copy, share or repost any of my content. Stolen content will result in legal action against you via your bank details that you sign up with (copyright infringeme

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