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Claire Lush's Biography

This beauty you're about to meet, is an amazing sporty surfer, but once she's mastered the waves, another of her favorite hobbies is mastering a good cock. You'll be able to get her as @clairelush on her verified OnlyFans, and we're not lying when we say she's one of the best investments you can make, if you're looking for an orgasm on another level. 

Claire Lush's Net Worth 

@clairelush has a more than interesting net worth, because, even leading a double life, athlete during the morning, and Onlyfans model throughout the day, because she takes advantage of every moment, she has been able to overcome the barrier of 10 thousand subscribers in her verified profile. And that, without adding that she also has another free subscription profile, where she also uploads content for modest prices. The subscription to her VIP profile is $20 on a regular basis, but if you take advantage now, you will have a discount that allows you to cancel only $10. 

Well, taking these data into account, it is not surprising that he could be generating more than 240 thousand dollars a month.

Claire Lush's Private Life 

Well, before OnlyFans, @clairelush was simply dedicated to her life as a surfer, she loves it as it is her biggest hobby. But, seeing that she caught the attention of so many people, being able to build a quite popular social network on Instagram, well, she knew she had a hidden potential. Potential, which would also be hand in hand with her other secret taste, the love for sex, dominating cocks and riding like a beast, and that's why she became an OF model. 

Claire Lush's Career 

Claire Lush has won a lot of surfing competitions, is a pro at what she does, and devotes as much of her life to it as she does to modeling. However, she knew that her surfing career wasn't earning her the profits she was hoping for, which is why she decided to capitalize on her other skills and abilities in the bedroom, and boy, has she succeeded. She is one of the most acclaimed models on the platform, and for good reason.

Claire Lush on Social Media 

Of course, @clairelush is a girl who loves to show off her accomplishments on social media, as well as looking great in a swimsuit and with a sculpted body. A good way to preview what you can get yourself once you pay for her subscription, no doubt. But, if you want to follow her on Instagram, which is the network where she is most active, you can do so through the following username @clairelush. 

Claire Lush Naked

Did you know that this cutie is also a video game lover? That's right, she's a girl who loves titles like Tomb Raider, and has cosplayed about it, there might be some little surprise with that on her VIP platform. But leaving that aside, this woman is amazing, her poses, her body, the way she makes you come even with a simple masturbation. But to enjoy @clairelush to the fullest, we recommend the private chat, a personalized request with a fantasy you want to fulfill.

Claire Lush's OnlyFans Leak

She keeps her content very well protected, as there are no leaks of her content, so, subscribe so you don't miss any of her exciting material.

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