Sofia Rose

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Sofia Rose’s Biography

An exceptional BBW porn model, also known as an international fetish model. Sofia Rose is one of the most downloaded plus size latina actress on the internet. She has been a cover model for companies such as the famous magazine "Scores XL". Winner of different awards throughout her career in the adult content industry, also achieving multiple AVN nominations. The voluptuous @sofiaroseondemand lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sofia Rose’s Net Worth

Exactly how much the sexy Sofia Rose monetizes is unknown. She has an audience of 3100 affiliate members and is estimated to generate $17,500k per month from her Onlyfans alone. She is a very secretive big mommy when it comes to her earnings.

Sofia Rose’s Private Life

She is an exotic woman with an extremely cheerful and positive personality. She loves spending time in a pool or going for a night out with friends to relax. Our @sofiaroseondemand is a very romantic woman.

Sofia Rose’s Career

She debuted as a Glamour model in mid-2006, since then she gained popularity for being the most downloaded voluptuous woman on the internet platform. Sofia Rose has gained a preponderant fan base as she attends adult industry events. @sofiaroseondemand is well known in Las Vegas for welcoming her fans at every event she attends, and interacting with them to take pictures and greet them in a nice way.

Sofia Rose on Social Media

Since her first steps in 2006, as a porn actress she did not lag behind, evolving and adapting to the advancement of the technological era. She was training herself in terms of techniques and processes that allows her to spread her content with thousands of people, also helping herself by attending every award event targeted to models and actresses in the adult content industry. She became more involved with connecting on different social networks 5 years ago as she was focused on creating private films as an actress. You can now easily find her on Onlyfans as Sofia Rose; on her Instagram she goes by @sofiaroselive and if you select the link in the bio it will take you directly to her Twitter and TikTok platforms. Adding that she is currently full active on her social networks so you can be distracted with the new things that this monumental woman brings. She recently had an interview giving an account of her in the media, development in the industry, what she thinks and recommendations for the public, this interview is on her Instagram.

Sofia Rose Naked

@sofiaroselive retains a totally natural body, dazzling all eyes with her organic content. Not only will you fall in love with her curves, but she also has a sweet and sexy face. Sofia Rose is simply a compendium of attributes that she sports with a grace that conveys her confidence. Of course you'll see every part of her.

Sofia Rose’s Onlyfans Leak

You will only find content on her platforms, where you will see her lush natural tits and balloon butt. She is a sizzling hot woman who explodes with hotness just by looking at her great attributes. She has varied content for you to sit back and enjoy an exotic hottie that you will want to spank.

Las Vegas

1.5k photos
439 video
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About Sofia Rose

I send DMs and I answer! Lots of goodies for my ultimate die hards. I love you ❣️

Welcome to my little piece of the internet 😘

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