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Sam Vass

Welcome to the exciting world of Sam Vass, an OnlyFans creator who brings the touch of a Greek god to his content. Known on the platform as @samvass, Sam offers a unique and unforgettably sexy experience to his subscribers, inviting them to explore their fantasies with him. Sam's real name is Sotirios Vasileiou. He was born and raised in Greece but now lives in Canada. His love for the gym and competitive bike riding is not just a hobby but a part of who he is. This passion is reflected in his stunning physique.

Sam Vass appearance

Sam is proud of his big ass and impressive 8.5” (21 cm) fan favorite dick, which he showcases in his posts. He keeps his fans engaged with multiple posts every day, each filled with excitement and allure.

Sam’s appeal isn't just virtual. His Greek origins are obvious in his strong, gym-built body covered in big muscles and lots of hair. His brown eyes and hair complement his sexy look, enhanced by a hot beard and mustache. His sharp jawline is remarkable, and the tattoos on his arms add to his exotic look.

 His content is not just varied but also interactive. He makes sure to reply to all messages, creating a personal connection with his subscribers

Sam Vass OnlyFans

For those who dare to unlock his page, Sam promises a world of fun and fantasy. He playfully warns his fans about how addictive  his content is, urging them not to forget to turn on their rebill. He also offers a generous 45% off deal, making his content more accessible to a wider audience.

His page also includes a wishlist, where fans can spoil him with gifts like boxers, sex toys, and gym gear. This feature allows his fans to express their appreciation in a unique way, strengthening their bond with him.

Sam's OnlyFans page is not just about photos and videos; it's a complete experience. He offers custom videos, one-on-one chats, and even sells underwear. His content is designed to fulfill fantasies, making his subscribers feel like they are part of a special world.

Sam Vass earnings

Sam has about 8,200 subscribers on OnlyFans and earns between $43.2k and $72.1k. These impressive numbers really show off his popularity and the quality of his content. As a proud gay man standing at 6 feet (182 cm) tall, he inspires many with his confidence and openness about his identity. His birthday, October 1st, is a special day for him and his fans, as he often does discounted birthday bundles.

Sam Vass social media

He's more than just an OnlyFans star; Sam has a significant presence on social media. On Instagram, he has an amazing 245k followers, and on Twitter, he's reached 500k. His OnlyFans account is just as impressive, with 480k likes and more than 1,500 posts, showing just how much his fans adore him.

In summary, Sam Vass’s OnlyFans is a mix of fantasy, personal connection, and a sexy body. He creates a space where fans can explore their desires and fantasies in a safe and welcoming environment. His commitment to fitness, his engaging personality, and his interactive content make his page a must-visit for anyone looking for an exciting and unique OnlyFans experience.

At your house 😉

978 photos
573 video
1.2k posts

Welcome to the Greek Gods Kingdom! 😍Come and worship Greatness!!

Big bum, big cock and ready to fulfil your fantasies🍑🕊

Unlock this page if you dare😈 I could tell you what goes on in here but that would just ruin the fun👀

Be careful as its highly addictive😉 Don’t Forget to turn your REBILL ON!



Multiple Daily posts 🚨

Reply. To all messages


Costum videos 💦

Giant videos 🦍

Check my wishlist 👇🏼


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