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English Rosie (@rosie_vip)

Rosie is a 40-year-old adult content model from Britain who has found a unique way to entertain people online. She loves to make people smile and seduce them by sharing steamy content and and showing off every inch of her perfect body. Rosie jokes she's a MILF, not to a child but to a cute dog, and she thinks that definitely counts! On her special OnlyFans page, Rosie shares NSFW videos and pictures that are too spicy to share anywhere else. She's pretty popular there, being well known and loved by her loyal fans who know her as Rosie.

English Rosie NSFW content

Every week, Rosie decides to share something new for people who follow her closely. This might be a fun and uncensored video pack that doesn't cost much at all. Rosie currently runs three OnlyFans accounts;  a free one which she uses as a preview @rosie_free, her VIP, ad free, main one @rosie_vip and her b/g (boy/girl content) dedicated page @mark_rosie_bg.
She and her partner enjoy sharing their private moments, hoping to entertain others. If you decide to follow Rosie, you get to see everything she posts without having to pay extra each time. She shares quite a variety of steamy photos and videos: from playful dressing-up games and nude pictures to full length sex tapes and explicit private chats with her best tippees. Rosie even says it's okay for her fans to send dick pictures back, and she loves rating them and chatting with her fans directly.

Rosie doesn't just stick to videos and pictures; she has a special offer where she sends her worn panties to those interested, adding a personal touch and making her fans feel like they're really part of her world.

English Rosie Cam Girl career

Aside from her OnlyFans page, Rosie is also a star on a website called Chaturbate, where she performs live as a cam girl. She's been doing this for 10 years and is quite good at it. Rosie is known for her sexy distinctive look: blonde hair, blue eyes, and a confident personality. She shares a lot on her OnlyFans, with over 7,000 photos and hundreds of videos that will have you scrolling for hours with your eyes glued to your screen. Her page is quite famous, with over 250,000 likes from her huge fanbase.

Rosie also likes to get gifts from her fans, which they can pick from a list she's put together on Amazon. These gifts often include things she can use in her videos, like sex toys and clothing sets that leave close to nothing to the imagination.

English Rosie social media

Besides her work on OnlyFans and Chaturbate, Rosie is active on other social media platforms. She has 25,000 people following her on Twitter, where she teases about her OnlyFans content. She loves sharing nude and seminude content, snippets or even full length sex tapes and masturbation videos, much to her fans' delight; Rosie is not afraid of any community guidelines.

In summary, Rosie is a horny and playful MILF from Britain who has built a unique place for herself online. She mixes her love for kinks and fetishes and cheeky entertainment with a touch of British charm. 

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39 year old boobie flasher and erection specialist! 😁

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