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Strasza's Biography

Chubby girls are art in all its expression, every curve and edge of her body are precious and addictive lines, @reistrasza is an American who proves that sensuality has no size and for her personality is the most important thing. Strasza is a cute girl who loves makeup and cosplay, where you can see her unwrapped in the best hot character impersonations. Do you have what it takes to resist the movement of this tight beauty?

Strasza's Net Worth

The interesting Onlyfans profile provided by @reistrasza is of high caliber, her photos are so coveted and desirable that it has 3000 fans after her. This chubby girl is hot, her photos are worth the $10 subscription fee, as she is very versatile and dynamic using her toys and giving a taste of her sexuality behind the camera. Strasza earns an estimated $26,600 every 30 days on her blue page, which puts her in a comfortable economic bracket. Are you willing to pay to see this chubby babe move in the most delicious ways there is? 

Strasza's Private Life

@reistrasza loves makeup, painting her body and face are some of the things she is most passionate about, her cosplays are of high quality, in her profile you can see how she dresses up as characters from anime, series and very famous cartoons. Strasza is a faithful reader, she has read as many books as you can imagine, these are her means of escape from the real world for a moment, she likes to be immersed in the excitement of the narration of great writers, in addition, she likes to wear very comfortable clothes when she does this activity, if you see her photos reading something you will get up.

Strasza's Career

Her career in cosplay started since she was a teenager, as it was used as a means to adapt to a society that points to everyone, she feels genuinely happy when it's her turn to dress up. @reistrasza decided to get involved when she saw comments on her cosplay photos that highlighted how sensual and attractive she looked, then in photos without makeup people also saw her desirable and exhibited how this chubby girl turned on their sexual appetite.

Strasza on Social Media

Strasza is very popular on her social networks, as her publications reach a high organic traffic due to her natural makeup and posing in front of the lens. You can follow her on her Instagram as @reistrasza, here she is already reaching 100,000 followers, jump on her bandwagon and help her grow. You can also find her on her twitter @reistraszacos where there are more sensual photos, because of the freedom to publish that this platform offers, there you will see the divine proportions of this beauty, photos that will make you play for a while, don't waste your time! go and get your mood up there.

Strasza's Naked

She knows how to give satisfaction, her videos and photos will make you fall in love with her, every part of her body is more delicious than the other, her curves are obviously the main course, imagine placing your hands on her and enjoy the pleasure that @reistrasza overflows. Strasza is a real pro, contact her for a zing or a video of her dancing with you, no doubt you will be able to imagine dirty things, enjoy big time with a big girl.

Strasza's Onlyfans Leak

Dude go straight to her profile @reistrasza and pay for her subscription, there you can seriously see professional content, exclusive content like her being submitted, photos with lace or this beauty playing with knots and ties. Don't accept piracy, this is the way to earn money from all models, don't make fun of her by consuming leaked videos on the internet.

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