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Pretty Russian God's Biography

Russian men are known for their seriousness and voluptuous body, and Pretty Russian God @prettyrussiangod hits the nail on the head with these 2 standards, this dark-haired, white-skinned young man currently resides in Los Angeles and already has a couple of years of experience as a sex content creator. Want to get a taste of some European excerpt from a pretty boy? Read on to get to know him a little better and when you're done you can subscribe to his channel.

Pretty Russian God's Net Worth

Pretty Russian God has one of the most fruitful male accounts on Only, his main account makes an estimated $84,000 a month, certainly a good figure for this man to wear the most luxurious suits and watches out there. This gifted and sensual gentleman is into runway and magazine modeling, his Only account @prettyrussiangod has helped as a springboard for him to make money in other fields.

Pretty Russian God's Private Life

@prettyrussiangod is a very good swimmer, you can see him dive into beaches and pools to swim in deep sea, which is very attractive, he claims to feel like a fish in the water, would you be willing to dive into your waters? You could say that Pretty Russian God, loves to take care of his physique, make up for photos and skin care, and is that how not, this guy struggled enough to look like it is now, in his twitter we can see photos of its inception and compare them with the current ones to see the physical change of this Russian God.

Pretty Russian God's Career

His career began a couple of years ago, when @prettyrussiangod took the hard decision to open up to the world no matter what they will say, is that the little young man was strongly criticized by the people he loved the most, that certainly brought him down and made him step aside to live and materialize his dreams. After some time, he reconciled with his loved ones, who accepted that this made him very happy.

Pretty Russian God on Social Media 

You can see @pretyrussiangod on twitter with the same username, there he delights the viewers with his hot tweets, we recommend you to be alone when you click on the media part, there you will see the handsome muscular guy in action. This beauty unfortunately has no more networks, since he decides to perform properly in the ones he currently has and we see that when he focuses on he breaks it all.

Pretty Russian God’s Naked

His body is a divinity, worthy of any god of Olympus, his muscles look like diamonds, his perfect little face and his smile will take you to the books you read as a child, this handsome guy knows how to wiggle and how to make his little friend shine, so shut your mouth and go subscribe to his official account @pretyrussiangod.

Pretty Russian God’s Onlyfans Leak

Want to see some Pretty Russian God? We recommend you to go to their networks, don't try to consume pirated content, this way you detract from the hard work that this experienced model does, plus you don't get the real magic that Onlyfans is all about.

Los Angeles

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