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Cristiana Love’s Biography

@playgirlcris is a beautiful black-haired living in Los Angeles. She has practically done us a favor by joining the Onlyfans platform, starting in late 2022 at just 21 years old and has done nothing but delight us with her explicit content, allowing us to enjoy her enviable attributes and her skills in eroticism. Cristiana Love is the curly girl of your dreams and will make you want to see more and more of her every time she uploads a post, because with her creativity and beauty what more could you ask for?

Cristiana Love’s Net Worth

There aren't many things @playgirlcris can't get if she wants to, her net worth from the blue page alone is around $30k a month. That's why you'll be able to see her in her photos with luxury cars, partying a night out in L.A. or enjoying a sunset in the most stunning hotels.

Cristiana Love’s Private Life

Few people will love a good tequila as much as Cristiana Love does on a wild night out with her friends, so don't be surprised if you find her in a nightclub on a weekend sipping a few drinks. However, that's not the only thing @playgirlcris enjoys in her free time, she loves to take a nice dip on a nice beach or at the pool. And she never wastes time to show us her lush breasts in swimsuits or her tanned skin.

Cristiana Love’s Career

Not all about explicit content, this sexy twenty-something is into modeling in general and has experience in music, or any kind of microphone. Cristiana Love has dedicated herself to the artistic world fully, taking advantage of her exotic looks and captivating every modeling set she goes to. Needless to say, this girl consistently pursues every goal she sets for herself just as she triumphed in Onlyfans in such a short time.

Cristiana Love’s on Social Media

Cristiana Love is highly linked to social networks since her success in the industry depends on them. So she offers you a wide catalog to delight you. On Instagram you will find her as where she showcases her favorite photos from each session and her eye-catching lingerie, with the same Instagram user you will find her on TikTok bringing us closer to her experiences. Even for a more personal experience with this Greek goddess you can go to her Snapchat, which shares user with her Twitter, @cashmoneyycris.

Cristiana Love’s Naked

A lover of naturalness and beauty, Cristiana Love considers herself a fan of authenticity. With her Latin curves that invite you to sin and those gigantic breasts that are heart-stopping, she makes you fall in love with every photo and video, making you yearn with madness to run your fingers through that aphrodite body.

Cristiana Love’s Onlyfans Leak

Her free content can be found on any of the networks she owns and we've mentioned, in fact even her Onlyfans is free, because Cristiana Love offers a one-on-one experience with those who crave it. If you were wondering about something filtered, honestly it's complicated to get content over there from @playgirlcris, since she herself makes sure that every sale of content is between her subscribers and herself, no one else. So we rather invite you to go ahead and ask her personally what you want to see from her on her Onlyfans.

Los Angeles

4.5k photos
554 video
2.3k posts
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