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emi's Biography 

Who doesn't like a nice ass? Well today we introduce you to one of Onlyfans most successful tails @phattsie, look at that tremendous hottie, what a buttocks she has. She is a young American girl who is a content creator with over 5 years of experience. Her main in content is riding with her huge ass, with that she has achieved the ridiculous and ostentatious amount of 940,000 likes on her Onlyfans account, come meet this celebrity and watch out if you don't end up in love.

emi's Net worth

Well first and foremost calculate how much @phattsie charges in her Onlyfans account is something almost impossible, is that she has free subscription and what she perceives are tips from fans who end up in love with her figure and let me tell you that they are many. He has an estimated 173,000 fans, which really is a crazy amount. emi uses her image as a sexual influencer to advertise brands and generate a lot more, most people think she is rich and maybe they are not wrong because of the lifestyle she has.

emi's Private Life

emi knows how to enjoy her life, she loves to go on vacations to Caribbean countries, with their charming islands, cheerful music and world class food, this vedette documents everything and uploads it to her networks so that mortals can appreciate the little swimsuits she wears. @phattsie has a lot of favorite things, like cold coffee, anime and her cute characters and she also loves Christmas with all her heart, it's the time of the year where she feels the happiest, as she loves to give and be given gifts.

emi's Career

@phattsie as young as she looks started more than 6 years ago, giving her enough experience to become a top on any content platform, that's why she has been able to build the empire of followers she has today. At the beginning she was very worried about what people would say, but after emi 🥛 saw her receptiveness to the public she took off the blindfold of fear and decided to eat the cameras making her channel rise to where it is today. She loves what she does and is not afraid to say it, she accepts that her life took an incredible turn since she started making adult content.

emi on Social Media

if you want to admire @phattsie's genuine beauty go to her Instagram @hattsie, there you'll notice the amazing face that matches that amazing butt. She is beautiful in every way and you will end up falling in love with her whether you want to or not. In this part of her networks you will see that she is an ordinary woman that thanks to her attributes and people's affection she managed to reach her lucky break.

emi Naked

emi goes all out to bust your camera, she wants all her fans to leave her channel satisfied, no one leaves without draining all the bad and experiencing real pleasure, every video and photo she uploads is done with incredible dedication, with the goal of making everyone fall in love. How she wiggles and how she moans make her multimedia an auditory and visual orgasm, making emotions bubble up, she knows what she is worth and always asks to be treated with respect and like a queen, so if you ask her for a custom please be patient and gentlemanly.

emi's Onlyfans Leak

Her channel is free, no need for us to search for her filtered content, we go straight to her official channel @phattsie and subscribe, so we get this sweetie all the credit for the tireless and sweaty work she does.

65 photos
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78.1k subscribers
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