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Patty Lopez de la Cerda - pattylopezdelac OnlyFans Profile, photos, videos, and social media

She's got it all - sexy curves, gorgeous blonde hair, and a sassy attitude that will make your heart rice. Pattylopezdelac is a female OnlyFans model with a charming personality that allows her to form a connection with those she encounters, offering personalized content tailored to each person's preferences. Whether you're looking for some naughty fun or just want to admire her beauty, Patty Lopez de la Cerda is definitely worth checking out. So go ahead and hit that subscribe button - trust me, you won't regret it!


Pattylopezdelac was born in January 1991, her current hair is dyed blonde. She's 5 feet 8 inches, the equivalent of 172 cm, and in weight 121 lbs or 55 kg. Her measurements are 34-26-35, with her bra size at 34D and dress size 5 (US). Patty Lopez de la Cerda is an energetic woman that will leave you breathless while her big ass proves irresistible. This alluring Mexican lady has fair skin and big tits, elevating her status as the sensual queen you deserve. She's known for her work on sports netweok and became famous on Instagram where she has over 2 million followers who can view her selfies and behind the scene photos.

Net Worth  

Patty Lopez de la Cerda has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars. She created her own life by being a powerful and determined woman. Her alluring and charming personality shines through her demeanor and beauty. She brings every and vitality wherever she goes, including over to her OnlyFans account. She's living her best life!

OnlyFans Content 

This model had something special doing on, no doubt. Her content highlights her strong personality and gorgeous pussy. She brings energy and vitality with every new picture she posts, offering a more close connection to her fans. What does it cost? Well, for just $16 per month, you gain access to all of her content, including 2.3K photos, 1.3K videos, and 2.9K posts. With over 800K likes on her OnlyFans profile, it's clear she got the audience to prove she's good at what she does. To dive deeper into the mesmerizing world of Pattylopezdelac, click on her profile and find out. I think we can both agree - signing up for a premium membership might just be one of the best decisions you make today!


Patty Lopez de la Cerda is a media personality, we're not surprised to see her Twitter has got over 753K followers. This hot Latina frequently posts either traveling pictures, maybe teasing photos of her boobs and sensual lingerie she just got. Don't be shy and check her out, many already had and they didn't regret it.


If you want to see sexy pictures or are simply just curious about her day to day life, Instagram is the perfect place to go. She'll frequently share hot selfies at the beach, costumes, and occasional gym videos. See for yourself how she captivated others in just one click. 


2.7k photos
1.5k video
3.3k posts
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