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  Mia Karina


     Mia Karina, otherwise known as @miakunis, is the ultimate exclusive Latina experience! At only 20 years old, Mia loves to travel the world, often calling herself “The naked traveler” on her socials. She makes sure to post all of the spicy pictures she takes from her trips on her OnlyFans. Enjoy a vacation in Italy with her by watching her get freaky in Positano, wearing her favorite pink bikini, or come with her to France and explore the streets of Paris with extra sexy views and outfits she will provide. The France special is called “Extra creamy cum in Paris” and it’s a must-see!




     “Marc and I were trying to build a life together and I just wanted some extra cash”, that’s how Mia started her journey as an OnlyFans model. It’s absolutely free to subscribe and the whole point of her page is to strengthen the relationship between her and her subscribers, which is why if you message her, she answers straight away. She especially loves new subscribers because they are the most interesting to interact with and can’t wait to share parts of her life and her body with them. With all that said, her profile isn’t just filled with jerk-off material pictures, she thinks her page has a different purpose, to build a connection. For Mia, the connection, the understanding, the pleasure between two people is what’s most important.




     On Mia’s page you will find about 6000 explicit videos, ranging from B/G (boy and girl), G/G (girl and girl) and solo videos, her lesbian and bisexual content being her favorite.  When fans send pictures or videos of their reactions, she loves to see her pics make their dick happy. Her page also offers roleplay videos such as: “I met him in a club and things just happened”, full 40-minute videos of Mia dripping cum everywhere, stripping, face sitting, pussy slaps and stretching. She loves sex toys, she finds them exciting, so you’ll see a lot of them on her page. From POVs to 3rd person views, Mia makes sure you get the best angles.


    Personal life


      This Latina comes from a mixed background. She was born in South America, more specifically Chile, but currently lives in Ireland. This explains her very interesting way of speaking, a mixture of Latin and British accents. Mia is married to Marc who she met on Tinder in 2018 while he was on a work placement in her home town back in South America, where they fell deeply in love and married in December later that year. Despite the fact that Mia is only 20 and Marc is 28 years-old, the couple moved to Europe in hopes of a better life, but struggled to pay the bills. Now they’re landlords living the ultimate dream life as millionaires. The duo own multiple properties including a 250.000-pound holyday home in Mexico with three pools and a gym but they want to eventually own 10 houses by the end of 2025 and hope to invest 1 million pounds by the end of 2024.


5.7k photos
820 video
6.8k posts

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