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            Let me introduce you to our beautiful French social media influencer, Mathilde Tantot. She was born in Bordeaux, France and she`s a stunning famous fashion model, talented actress businesswoman and entrepreneur. She`s very known on Internet for her sexy pics that she posts on her Instagram and for all her swimwear shoots. She has collaborated with so many brands until she has created her own, called “Khassani Swimwear”. 


            Her appearance is very harmonious with a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m) and a weight of 110 pounds (50 kg). Her long blonde hair and her hazel eyes are just mixing perfectly with her fresh look. She has a pear-shaped physique with a bouncy ass and her plush lips are just ready for a kiss.


            Mathilde OnlyFans model started her career as an actress, being in two TV shows. Then she decided to join the fasion world and became a swimwear supermodel. She has so many collaborations with luxury brands and her name was very popular in this industry. She decided to create her own brand “Khassani Swimwear” with so many sexy swimwear`s for all the ladies who are just in love with their body. 


            Her first source of income is through affiliations and promotions. She joined a lot of platforms where her fans can pay her for talking and sending some photos with her. Her 9 million followers on Instagram are giving her such an amazing revenue. She`s earning through collaborations with brands, that are paying at least $10.000 for a promo campaign. She has been the top model for Fashion Nova and Oh Polly, who just boost her in this industry. She has also her own business with her sister and no doubt, they are earning a lot from there. 


            Mathilde OnlyFans model is such an influent woman online. Her Instagram has faced such a flourishing success in the last years. With no more than 9 million followers she has such a big team who just love her being. She posts a lot from her vacation, in the exotic places, at the beach. She enjoys the sea and love the sun and never miss the chance to get an amazing tan. She loves animal, and shares her thoughts all the time through her page. She has horses, ponies and a dog. She takes care of them a lot and it`s also involved in volunteering to save the wild animals. She has such a good heart, that`s why she has so many fans maybe.  

            Her OnlyFans channel is free and you can subscribe anytime you want. There you can see more pics with her beautiful body. She has a perfect round ass and beautiful natural tits. You will enjoy every inch of her body. You can talk with her for hours and discover what she likes the most. She`s such a mysterious woman and you will have to get her horny to see her naughty part. Because she has one, and it`s so damn hot! 

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