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Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo is a young social phenomenon who originates from Cuba but resides in the US and has a career in social networks, music, and modeling. Here's a brief overview of her appearance, net worth, and her presence on various social media platforms:


Malu Trevejo is a beautiful young lady with an interesting look. Her long and wavy black hair is usually accompanied by bold and eye-catching make-up. Fashion is also part of her style in the sense that she wears modern clothes. They are a good match for her dynamic persona. Through these looks, she has gained celebrity and success in social media where she is an influencer and model.

Net Worth

In 2022, Malu Trevejo’s net worth stands at about $1.22 million earned mostly from her engagement in different ventures such as social media, music production, and modeling. It is also thought that her personal TikTok account would cost close to $1.22 million and she could earn on average $19,990 per month through it.


Malu Trevejo became famous on Tik Tok through dancing, lip syncing, and entertaining videos. Her fan database on the site keeps expanding steadily.


Malu has several posts on instagram; ranging from fashion photoshoots and snippets of her private life. She is an aspiring designer and through her instagram account, she has gained millions of fans who want to copy her style and lifestyle.


Although she is active on Twitter, Malu Trevejo experienced controversies, and suspensions due to solicitation of sexual content. She posts about her life and career on her Twitter page.


Malu owns a YouTube channel where they upload music videos, vlogs, and exclusive behind-the-scene materials about her music career. She has maintained that connection with her fans through her YouTube channel, which also lets them relate to her on an individual level.


Despite having a Facebook account, Malu Trevejo is not so much present there as she is on other social networking sites. It allows her access to a larger audience, whom she communicates with as well as shares her material.


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In her first year of working on the platform, she has dedicatedly striven to grow a huge fan base. Her page contains more than a thousand items of material to look at that outnumbers what is usually expected in an average site page. As far as new subscribers are concerned, this amount of stuff serves as an introduction to and an understanding of Malu’s site content creator.

Malu Trevejo’s use of social media platforms proves he is a good influencer and artist. The star has transformed herself from just being a viral TikTok personality to an active musician and remains relevant among her fans on different channels. Her earnings have grown steadily, enhancing her net worth as well. She is currently one of the popular personalities on Instagram and social media.

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esa noche está en repeat, papi 🥵

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