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Mujer Luna Bella

Meet Luna Bella, known on OnlyFans as @lunabellaoficial. She is a sexy and popular content creator from Monterrey, Mexico. At 32 years old, with her unique blue hair and body covered with tattoos, she brings a distinctive, Latina style to her OnlyFans account. Luna is known for her unfiltered and explicit content, which includes daily posts showcasing her hot body, along with masturbation videos, blow jobs, sex tapes, and personalized content for her fans.

Luna Bella OnlyFans

Her OnlyFans profile is known for showcasing the "best tits of OF" and the "most explicit videos." She encourages her followers to fantasize of her and enjoy her content, often with a playful and inviting vibe. Luna currently runs two OnlyFans accounts, a free one (@lunabellaoficial) and a VIP, ad-free account (@lunabellamor). She makes sure her fans always have access to her latest and most exclusive content.

Luna Bella pole dancing

Apart from her work on OnlyFans, Luna Bella has a deep passion for pole dancing. Her skills in this area add an exotic and athletic feel to her content. She's not only a talented performer but also a creative artist, often cosplaying characters like Chun Li, demonstrating her versatility and playful personality.

Luna Bella's Bisexuality

Luna is openly bisexual and embraces this aspect of her identity in her content. She also loves getting gangbanged by both men and women. This openness about her sexuality is part of what makes her content genuine and relatable to her fans who seem to never get enough of her.

About Luna Bella

Born on August 25, 1991, under the feisty Virgo star sign, Luna has made quite the name for herself beyond OnlyFans. She became popular on YouTube, where she shares her pole dancing, hula hoop skills, and more, getting over 2.5 million subscribers. Her YouTube channel includes music videos like "Sí, Soy una Puta," which she released in 2016. Luna Bella's real name is Verónica Melendes Coronado, and she often features her boyfriend on her YouTube channel, giving fans a glimpse into her personal life.

Luna Bella before fame

Before her rise to fame, Luna gained popularity in 2013 after a video of her on a subway went viral. She then launched her YouTube channel in March 2014. In addition to her online presence, Luna is an author, having published her first book, "Mujer Luna Bella Bailarina de Table Dance," in 2013. She also has a significant following on Instagram, where she shares selfies and sexy pictures.

Luna Bella net worth and appearance

Luna Bella's net worth is estimated between $73.4K and $440K, showing her success as a digital content creator and entertainer. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches (167 cm) and weighing around 132 pounds (60 kg), her sexy body is part of her appeal, with a bust size of 37 inches, a waist size of 25 inches, and hips measuring 35 inches.

Her presence on social media and OnlyFans is really shows her ability to connect with fans worldwide, offering them a mix of entertainment, fantasy, and personal connection. Luna Bella represents a great and horny pole dancer who combines talent, openness, and a strong online presence to build a successful career.


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About Luna Bella

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