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This is Lucy Mochi. She has been in the adult business for a while as a model and actor. Her parts in adult films have made her a huge star, and thousands of people love her. She is loved for her sexy body and hot looks. A lot of people love Lucy for her skills, and she's become famous on social media as well.


Meet the captivating 182 cm tall Asian sensation, born in 2003. With a fragile figure weighing 58 kg and body measurements that read 30-23-34 inches, she's a vision of elegance. Her beautiful black hair falls like a stream, and her sweet face makes you want to "cum" closer. The smooth skin and pink cheeks give off an air of sophistication that's hard to avoid. She is a breath of fresh air in a world full of beauty.


A small queen with tiny ta-tas is just too attractive to ignore, and Lucy definitely knows how to rock her small tits. With such a tiny waist, she is just perfect to be lifted up and roughly fucked. 

Net worth:

Lucy Mochi is one of the most sought-after adult stars because of how hard she works and how talented she is. In the adult film business, she has broken down walls and pushed the limits. While her net worth is not publicly disclosed, as a top-notch asian onlyfans creator, and a sale of $6 for 31 days, she has a huge potential for financial growth. Her top onlyfans page has over 1k photos, and 100 videos, and has gathered over 650K likes, pointing towards a remarkable wealth.


This stunning asian onlyfans creator, has an affinity for the BDSM world. If nude onlyfans was among your preference, we have great news. She loves being fully uncensored, posting her dripping pussy from all the right angles. If you subscribe to this petite sex machine, you're in for multiple full videos on her wall, solo, B/G, G/G, BBG, and full sloppy orgies that are ending with hot creampies, facials, and throaties. 


If you set up monthly rebilling, she'll start sending you a free video. Lucy Mochi is also a friendly anal fetishist who is always communicative with her adoring public. If you like it rough, rest assured that despite her fragile form, she can deliver. As a bondage and BDSM addict, no wonder she has a top onlyfans page that will make your heart skip a beat.


169K people are following this hottie on Instagram, inducing in every spicy post of her. Not a fan of wearing any bras, you will often have the chance to see through her sheer clothes, those perky little nipples that are begging to be pinched and twisted. You will also see lots of mirror selfies and raw photos, depicting her innocent features, but we all know by now that is just a mask that is waiting to fall while she rides the biggest dick.


With over 2M likes and 260K followers, her content is a mix between fun and steamy. With that intense look and angelic features her short clips are going to turn you on so enter on your own risk. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


She might only have 2 videos posted on her YouTube channel, but they have lots of views for a good reason. Let’s just say she's very flexible. 

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About lucy mochi 🍨 asian gf ;)

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