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Get ready to meet this female OnlyFans model going by Princess Puddles - or lilygardner. The moment you open her profile you're welcomed by her bio which states she loves to cum really hard and be a good girl for you. Her playful personality is apparent from the first words. So, whether she's flaunting her assets in skimpy bikinis or teasing her fans with sensual photos, she has what it takes to keep you hard for hours. 



Lilygardner is ready to take over your fantasies with her long blonde hair and gorgeous brown eyes. Her teen skinny body will give you a boner hard enough for hours and her accounts will provide the entertainment. So if you're looking for a beautiful American princess to spice up your feed, look no further than Princess Puddles.


Net Worth  

Unfortunately, we can just assume her net worth because she never shared it publicly. She is active on both OnlyFans and Fansly, sharing her content with her fans. Lilygardner's content appears to be focused on providing entertainment and arousal to her followers through her sexuality and performance skills. So many people were already hypnotized by her so why not just assume the best for her net worth?


Princess Puddle's OnlyFans page is ready to invite you into her world of spicy world. Her feed is filled with sexy selfies, teasing videos, and intimate moments that will make your heart race. From her petite frame to her gorgeous curves, she's got everything you could want in a woman. Whether you prefer solo shows or girl/girl action, she's got you covered. It's clear that her followers can't get enough of her. Her content is sure to make you blush. What does it cost? Don't worry, I got you covered. For just $3.5 per month (or maybe you're tempted by her subscription bundles, I don't judge), you can subscribe to her page and get access to over 4.9K photos, 146 videos, and 4.8K posts. That's a lot of content for such a low price, and whether or not it's worth, all of it depends on your personal preferences - but I think it's definitely a good deal considering all the content you'll have access to! Her account gathered over 835K likes, so come on over to her page and see just why everyone can't get enough of Princess Puddles!



If you enjoy the content of Lily Gardner on OnlyFans, there's more where that came from! For starters, check out her Fansly account. She offers even more of her gorgeous body to everyone to admire. What type of content you can find on her account is kink friendly, toys, squirting, anal, lesbian, lingerie and so much more. She advertises herself as a nympho, so who are we to judge? We're here for the ride and we're going to enjoy it fully. Princess Puddle's passion for her content and her fans is visible everywhere she's in. She interacts with her subscribers, so go ahead, and dive into this gorgeous blonde now.


5.3k photos
149 video
5.2k posts
About Princess Puddles 💦

5’ 98 lbs of fun 😈 Just your average girl-next-door that loves travel, nature, 💦 really hard and being a good girl for you!

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