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Lauren Biography

A very well known model with over 6 years full time modeling experience, Lauren Louise is a sight to see.  Born on 22 May 1996, Lauren is 1.70cm / 5ft 7 tall, with a weight of 58kg / 128lbs. She has long blonde hair that she like to style both curly and straight, bust size 34D, is friendly and a very confident lady. Laurenlouise lives in Derbyshire, East Midlands, United Kingdom. She did her schooling in her hometown and then went to a nearby University where she pursued her graduation degree. At a young age, Lauren joined an acting academy where she was featured in many modelling competitions, theater shows and many more.

Lauren Net Worth

Given the fact that she in a model top 1.3%, her modelling career has flourished, propelling her to a successful position with a net worth of around 132K USD. Glamour model and 2015 Miss Derby finalist published numerous times who has earned a substantial social media following with 160,000 Instagram followers.

On her Onlyfans page she has great subscription bundles:

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Also, with so much beauty and grace she also created an Onlyfans account with free content for those who are still not convinced this is a very worthy investment. 

Lauren Private Life

Privately, Lauren loves to be active and her sports choices would be cycling and swimming. Other hobbies that she has are reading books and travelling.  At the same time Lauren likes to spend time with her dog that she loves very much.  She is also a big clothing fan, in her favorites you will find  Calvin Klein, Nike and Forever 21.

Lauren Career

She was about 18 years old when she first entered the modeling industry. Today she has reached a very high point in her modeling career. She is not only a model but a social media influencer. Lauren was published many times including the page 3, Midweek Sport, Sunday sport, Mayfair Magazine and much more. She also one of the main models present at Superhero academy. She is currently represented by Sintillate Talent, a famous international influencer agency. Lauren makes money from her modeling career.
She earned a personal qualification in hair and beauty so that she became able to to do her own hair and makeup for photo shoots. Even if she is very skilled she is still willing to learn new styles and receive tips and tricks. 


Lauren on Social media

The pictures Lauren has in social media are not just your ordinary filter pictures you usually find on any profile. She has professional pictures taken in all sorts of outfits and places. If it's not a photoshoot on her instagram page then it's a set of pictures from her vacations or with her beautiful dresses when participating to various events. On Tiktok she also shares videos from the events she is present to and videos of her little chihuahua dog. Lauren's OnlyFans account has more than 215k likes on her content.

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