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Kristen Hancher is a famous Canadian actress born on May 17, 1999. She`s a 24 years old fashion model, social media influencer, content creator, blogger and also entrepreneur from Ontario. She has millions of followers on social media and in April 2020 she was nominated as the 11th most followed person on social media. She`s a star! She`s also very known for her appearance in TV shows like Misshaps, Sitting and Troubled Youth. 

Kristen Hancher Appearance

Her body measurements are 35-25-36 cm with a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165cm) and a weigh of 121 lbs (55kg) which means that’s she`s a stunning hot and petite blonde, who loves to take care of her body. Her dark blonde hair and hazel brown eyes are making her such a mysterious woman who`s ready to get into your dreams. She looks like an angel, a shy teenage girl and that long straight hair is perfectly fitting in her looks. She looks like a doll, with soft skin and perfect body. Her smile is warm and her voice is more than that. She has a good sense of humor and you`ll always seen her fappy, full of life, enjoying every moment. 

Kristen Hancher Career

This beautiful girl started her career as an internet celebrity. She was working on the live broadcasting site YouNow. But then she started to posts a lot of content on Instagram and also gain so much appreciation. She started to gain numerous followers on Instagram and she decided to join TikTok. There her success was even bigger. She has 23 million followers over 1 billion appreciations. She`s absolutely amazing and everyone loves her personality and style. She`s a cosplay fan and such a good make up artist. Her look is different every day so her fans are enjoying all her parts and characters. Apart from Instagram and TikTok she also has a YouTube channel where she uploads vlogging, make-up, hauls and pranks videos. 

She is also a talented actress and model. She appeared in Tv shows like Chills, The Pain of Painting, Misshaps, Troubled Youth and many others. She had so many collaborations due to her online success with famous brands and has also signed contracts with popular modelling agencies. She was also in commercial and advertisements. As you can see, she`s such a talented and popular girl!

Kristen Hancher Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is around $6-$7 million. Throughout her career she`s facing such a real success and earn a beautiful income. She`s now living her best luxurious life and she moved to Los Angeles to be next to all the celebrities. 

Kristen Hancher Social Media

As I mentioned earlier, Kristen Hancher OnlyFans model is a popular influencer on social media. She posts daily and keep such a strong connection with her fans. She`s very dedicated to the content creator job that she has. She decided to join OnlyFans too and it`s perfectly matching with her cosplay costumes. She has a beautiful body and, in these costumes, she looks much prettier. You can enjoy her G/G content and watch some pussy licking. She`s having fun with her girls, playing with their toys. You can watch them pleasuring and touching themselves. She has also B/G content, when she`s performing a nice blowjob with a facial at the end. She loves to feel his load on her face! 

Los Angeles

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G&G, masturbation, BJs, role play and everything else😉 come join baby❤️

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