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ivy 🍑 Biography

Ivy is one of the hottest and kinkiest blondes you'll find on Onlyfans. The naughty @ivyballl loves to upload almost naked pictures, but always giving an enigmatic touch to each photo to give a little bit of mystery, and also to make you imagine what's behind those panties. Ivy lives in Arizona, USA, and loves to lead a healthy life doing cardio, whether in the gym, in bed, or anywhere else in the house.

Ivy's 🍑 Net Worth 

Ivy has one of the most quoted profiles in all of Onlyfans, still having one of the most affordable subscriptions. On the @ivyballl account there are over 15500 subscribers who enjoy the 500+ pictures and videos that this blonde with a tremendous bubble butt uploads for it. Ivy generates from $90k to $156k per month, proving that she is not only a girl with pretty face and goddess body, she also has a great business savvy.

Ivy's 🍑 Private Life 

Behind her blue page, @ivyballl has a very quiet life, as she likes to be very homey, be at home, be with her pets and, from time to time go for a walk with her friends or go to a farm, as she loves animals. She is also very connected to nature, so much so that, from time to time, you will be able to see her half-naked in the middle of a forest.

ivy's 🍑 Career

Ivy started her career as an adult content creator since 2019, so this big ass is quite an expert and already knows the best ways to captivate a man and a woman. @ivyballl has experienced all kinds of sex positions and practices.

ivy 🍑 on Social Media

If you want to get to know a little more about Ivy before subscribing to her account, you can find her on X and instagram as @ivyballl. On both social networks you'll see Ivy uploading all kinds of content, but what predominates the most are those exquisite photos in which she shows off that huge ass, provoking all kinds of reactions from her fans.

ivy 🍑 Naked 

@ivyballl loves to be treated like a bitch, and that's why on her Onlyfans account you'll find her having hardcore sex with any man with tremendous cock, but when it comes to fucking with girlfriends, Ivy is fascinated by being the dominatrix. Her photos are also some of the most popular content on Onlyfans, and this big-assed babe knows that bubble butt is the most beautiful thing on her body.

ivy's 🍑 Onlyfans Leak 

You won't be able to find @ivyballl's content on any other social network, and that's because Ivy has known very well how to protect all her material. So if you want to see this slut's pink pussy in full, you can support her on her Onlyfans profile, and best of all, by subscribing you can send her a private message with a very morbid request.

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