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Appearances & Bio:
Meet Celina Smith, the enchanting luminary who has gracefully conquered social media and modeling, gathering a mesmerizing legion of over a million genuine followers. While her radiant allure is widely acknowledged, her association with the charismatic YouTuber extraordinaire SteveWillDoIt (alter ego of the illustrious Stephen Deleonardis) has further heightened her resplendent fame. Amidst the aura of mystique, Celina Smith was born on the 22nd of February, 1999, her origin story unfurls against the backdrop of Los Angeles, California, USA. Standing at an elegant 5 feet 6 inches or 168cm, Celina Smith epitomizes the very essence of grace. Her physical presence, a canvas sculpted with meticulous devotion, weighs approximately 54 kg or 119 lbs. A silhouette adorned with curves that could eclipse the very constellations, Celina’s figure shows her hard work and devotion in the gym for herself.

The symphony of her form dances to the tune of 32-25-36 – a melody of bust, waist, and hips that defines the very essence of beauty. Yet, beneath this shining exterior lies a testament to unwavering commitment – a rigorous regimen of exercise and dietary discipline nurtured after her high school voyage. She once poignantly tweeted, “Never another month off the gym,” a proclamation that encapsulates her unwavering devotion to her craft.

Social media presence:
As an embodiment of modern allure, Celina Smith dons various digital personas. While her YouTube realm harbors a burgeoning community of over 231k subscribers, her artistic expression takes an intriguing form on this platform. However, the grandeur of Instagram and Twitter truly unfurls the canvas of Celina’s digital footprint. She collaborates with renowned brands like fashion Nova, Abercrombie and Fitch, Urban Outfitters and Zara. Her eclectic portfolio extends to Poshmark, where she breathes new life into her once-worn vestments.

Yet, within the intimate enclave of OnlyFans, Celina finds her most personalized connection with admirers on her itscelinasmith only fans account. An account born of exclusivity, a realm where the contours of her interactions with her fan base takes place. Meanwhile, her realm of Instagram embraces a resplendent horde of over 1 million devotees on one account and over 700k on the other. Her symphony on Twitter reverberates with a following of over 215k, punctuated by her ever-persistent presence.

On her itscelinasmith only fans page you can find plenty content from our belle here. Her post will give you HARD sensations only. Who would not wanna see those big boobs of hers in they're fullness or that juicy ass in positions those other platforms of hers could never let her do. If you think her other social media accounts are a tease, you should check her only fans account.

Net Worth:
Celina Smith’s estimated net worth exceeds $2 million. She earns income from her paid subscription on itscelinasmith only fans account and her modeling career. It’s believed she makes between $200,000 and $300,000 each month.

Private Life:
The American content creator and Steve began dating during high school, and they remain a couple today. She announced her engagement to YouTube star Stevewilldoit in December 2022 when he proposed to her in Dubai.


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