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Introducing the mesmerizing goddess, itscalypsobitch is an ebony onlyfans content creator. A thick model, with huge clapping ass cheeks that will make you masturbate right away. Being present on TikTok, Fanly, Twitter, and even Tumblr, she offers a series of free content that will make you hungry for more. For the ones looking for spicier content, she can also be found on PornHub. 


Calypso, a lovely chocolate-skinned goddess, draws attention simply with her remarkable appearance. Her tropical burgundy dreadlocks drop stylishly providing an exotic touch to her appearance. She is 175 cm tall and carries herself in a sensual manner. Calypso, a confident and graceful queer poly queen, loves her distinct independence. 


Her wardrobe choices reflect her outgoing nature, with her preference for form-fitting outfits that emphasize her curves, that make your eyes fall from her stunning face to her big tits.

Net worth:

While specifics about Calypso's net worth are unavailable, her diverse approach to money production is clear. She has cleverly broadened her financial horizons in addition to her online presence on sites such as Fansly, TikTok, and Twitter. Calypso's Amazon wish list provides an intriguing peek into her targets, with some devoted followers granting her requests.


@itscalypsobitch has an onlyfans free account where she is teasing her 4.6K audience. But you can also find her at @calypsodreams for $14 per month, where she shares spicier content. As a big booty onlyfans creator, the majority of her videos are picturing her gigantic ass, riding huge cocks or dildos of all sizes. You just have to sit back and imagine her clapping cheeks riding your dick until her legs give out (and she is not getting tired fast). If on TikTok she is more PG-rated, here she will be the whore of your dreams.


As an ebony onlyfans queen, she also confidently keeps her Twitter page NSFW, where you can discover every inch of her body. She has plenty on her menu, from sucking a huge dick, or rubbing her pussy until she reaches an intense orgasm. 


@calypsodreams does a lot of slutty things on this platform, where most likely you will explode your load. She has subscriptions for more adventurous people, from a mild $5 per month to more advanced ones, including spitting and farting.

Lover Fans:

For extreme adrenaline seekers, itscalypsobitch offers on this platform for only 5,25 $/month scatting videos from different angles. And for a 78,75€ she will ship you her used, black lingerie.


TikTok is her twerking playground, where in most of her videos, her clapping ass cheeks are doing a stunning job even through her tight clothes. Admiring her hypnotic dance will immediately send you to her free only fans account, where it is going to be jerking off at first sight. 


“It’s a whore’s world” is her welcoming description on the platform. Here, she primarily engages in reblogging posts related to foot fetishes from other well-known accounts, which adds a unique and personalized dimension to her connection with her audience.


Calypso has a notable 13 accomplishments on this platform, a surprising result considering she has only posted three videos to date. Despite the minimal video footage, her presence has received 73K views, demonstrating her ability to engage and fascinate her audience with quality over quantity.


373 photos
48 video
56 posts
About Calypso

Welcome to my world where you serve my every whim 😘

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