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Liz Biography

Elizabeth, Liz or imsadspice is an OnlyFans adult content creator. Even though it is not specified where Liz comes from, her Texan accent from her videos makes us think she is surely US based. With her particular features, Liz stands out from the crowd. She has beautiful bright blue eyes, a body full of tattoos and a cute freckly figure. Liz has an inclination to dark, she is a big Halloween fan, horror movies, devil costumes. 

Liz Net Worth

With impressive work done of 928 photos, 291 videos, over 500k likes and 14800 subscribers, Liz has estimated earnings somewhere between $74.9k — $124.8k per month. Her Onlyfans subscriptions are from $10 per month but 3 months and 6 months package get 10% off. 

Liz Private Life

When it comes to her private time Liz has some very interesting hobbies. As she is a self-proclaimed vampire girl she has a prop coffin in which she likes to lie down. Her fashion senses also include the vampire aspect with lace and corsets, vampire teeth and spider webs around her bedroom. Elizabeth also is very interested in dragon statues and has a big collection of them which she often presents on her Tiktok page. She likes to play dungeons and dragons and to dress up as a sexy warrior playing around with a sword. As a hobby, Liz like to paint miniatures and is very skilled in doing so. You can find her progress online as she takes pictures and videos. 

Liz Career

While working as a full time Onlyfans model Liz invests in her image by not letting things get boring for her or her fans. If you pay for the full subscription you will have access to plenty of nudes and Liz playing with lots of toys. She has recently even started a collab with a fellow member of Onlyfans and made some hot hot content together. 

Once you start following her you will see that she's not just your ordinary Instagram model, Liz is one of a kind with her own style and has created her little universe. While she likes roleplaying a lot you will find her in many characters but that's nothing more than a bonus for some good sexting, Liz can be anything you ask for and what your heart truly desires. 

Liz on Social media

Elizabeth is very much present on the social media pages.Her Instagram page shows day to day selfies of this lovely lady in various outfits and lots of cosplays. On the Tiktok page you'll be charmed by her voice and have a good laugh at her funny videos.If you look for Lizzie on X, this sad spice turns into chilli pepper and your dick to a stone. There are so many naughty pictures in lingerie, sexy revealing cosplays, naked pictures in the bathtub and so much more. Things get really hot on Reddit also, Liz exposes her pussy for you and has some content that will make you lose your head. If you're not ready to jerk off you better not check this out because you will lose al control. 

995 photos
309 video
493 posts
About Liz♡






♡ Solo Play

♡ Anal

♡ Cosplay

♡ Feet

♡ LOTS of toys



- TOPLESS DICK RATINGS!! Only $15 for a video of me rating you!!🤤🍆 (sorry guys it’s just one per person!)

- If you spoil me I’ll spoil you and if you tip I’ll always throw in EXTRA and EXCLUSIVE content just for you in messages!!💕

- MONTHLY EXTRA CONTENT for those with renew on!!😍💦


**I’m so so so sorry but as of right now I’m unable to answer any messages outside tips and ratings!


I’m sorry my cust0ms are closed for the moment, but I’m always open to hearing your suggestions and it may make my main feed!!🥰

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