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Gracey kay cream pie me πŸ₯§

            Graceykay is a stunning blonde with such a perfect body! This woman is more than you could ever wish. She's a 34 years old mum who managed to become a millionaire when lockdown has shown. She was a self-employer hairdresser but she decided to change her life so she joined OnlyFans and within weeks her page made more than twice her annual 20k $ hairdresser income in one month. This choice made her move to Alicante, Spain, and live the best life.


            Gracey is a beautiful blonde woman, with such an amazing body. Her big tits and bouncy ass are driving crazy all the men. Her look is absolutely stunning! Her body shapes are truly perfect and her touch is soft and gentle. She's a mixt between a dominant, charming woman and a shy teenager. You'll see her wearing gym cloths, because she like to do sport and have a healthy life but you'll also see her in a lot of short dresses, where you can admire her long model legs and big round ass. She will never miss the chance to wear a low-cut neck dress or shirt so you can watch her round and playful boobs all day. You will wish to touch them and get your face between them to fell her scent. 


            Many years ago, she was just a self-employer hairdresser but the things have changed when she wanted more so that's how she joined OnlyFans. Now she's one of the highest paid models on this platform and she's enjoying such an amazing success. Now, she's dedicating all her free time to her followers and fans. 


            Regarding her net worth, Graceykay is facing a real success and her revenue is around 6 million $. Her income has getting bigger after she joined OnkyFans. She's posting daily photos and videos but she is ready anytime for a custom just for you ,being a goddess blonde who wants to give you the pleasure you need. She also have an account dedicated to her and her boyfriend where you can see them having sex together. That's another source of income for her, doing just the things she like the most. She's such a dirty and naughty mother!


            Gracey Kay has an Instagram account where she's posting videos and photos with her, at home, cooking in a sexy lingerie, enjoying her free time at the pool, in such a beautiful swimwear. You can talk with her also on Twitter and see a part of her naughty content because she upload a lot of nude pictures. Her almost 37 k followers on Twitter are enjoying every inch of her body.   

            She has a merch β€œGraceyKaymerch” where you can buy different products like iPhone cases, desk mats, hoodies, mugs or T-shirts with a photo of her that you like the most. You can choose a normal one or maybe you`ll want a sexy nude. She is really gorgeous and you'll have the chance to see her every morning on your mug while drinking coffee.

            The most interesting part is that you can find Gracey on a lot of adult content platform where she's fucking her boyfriend in the most hardcore way. You can watch her sucking his huge cock and being used like a sexual toy. The model is not afraid to try new things and she will make anything to reach orgasm. She loves when her boyfriend creampies her and have a fetish to be cover up with his cum. She loves to suck his dick and to give him the best handjob but she also use many dildos to feel the pleasure she really needs. She also has G/G content where they have such a good masturbating session and a lot of pussy licking. Also she loves to be the dominant one and always make the other girl cum and squirt for her. If you just want to see her solo content you can experience sexting, personal video calls or making your fantasies come true by asking for a custom. She promises to give you a lot of pleasure! So you need this blonde woman in your life!


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Loads of B/G , G/G, fetish!

Also I've released my on merch! Find a pic you love and I'll add it onto my clothing line!



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