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Gill Ellis Young is a 59 years old mum and actress from United Kingdom how has become popular for her presence in lots of sex tapes and for her hot content in her youth. She has appeared in lots of motion pictures and TV sequences. She was such an amazing star and she`s still one of the best in the porn field. She has a huge experience and she knows a lot of tricks and tips to pleasure a man. She`s a mature blonde, with huge tits, who has an amazing body at this age! She`s still young, powerful and sexy. 

Gill Ellis-Young Appearance

Gill Ellis-Young OnlyFans model stands at an estimated height of 1.50 m (4 feet 9 inches) and her weight is roughly 58 kg (approximately 128 lbs). Her eyes are deep black colored and her natural hair shade is black even though she likes to dye it blonde. She has a beautiful body, well defined and worked, with enormous tits. If I wouldn`t tell her age you couldn’t guess for sure. She seems really young! And as you know, the age is just a number. It`s very how you feel inside and how young is your soul. And hers is still back in her teenage, when she was doing so many naughty things like threesome and G/G and she could handle a BBC. 

Gill Ellis-Young Career

Ellis started her career when she was just 18. She got her first role as an actress. She got so many roles in Tv collections among the years and at the age of 20 she started her modelling career. She was a mannequin for many brands and she was on the cover of so many magazines in that period. She has faced such an impressive success and she wanted even more. She decided to join the adult industry and that’s when her life has completely change. She was really appreciated by so many people and she gain a lot of fans. Even know, when she has 59 years, she can handle any type of conversation and relation. She`s not afraid to show her sexual desires and doesn’t miss a chance to pleasure herself. She was a porn star, known also as “Lady Sonia”. I`m pretty sure you`ve heard about her before it not, you should do your research. You`ll appreciate what you`re going to see. She`s a big tit MILF with a naughty mind. 

Gill Ellis-Young Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be around $12k. Her revenues will increase for sure because she has joined also OnlyFans where she has a paid subscription of $9.98. You will have access to new content, that you can`t find on internet. Content that she`s doing right now, just for you, according to your desires.  

Gill Ellis-Young Social Media

Our 59 years old MILF can be found on Twitter and Instagram. Of course, on Instagram you can watch a little bit of her, some pics from modelling shoots but on Twitter, the posts are hotter. You can watch her big tits and pussy all day long. She`s massaging them with a lot of oil, preparing for a long masturbation session. And that’s just a tease. The real adult content is on her OnlyFans. You can enjoy her squirting all over the bed and rating your big cock. She understands your needs to be closer to an older woman. Maybe you want to fuck your mom friend`s, or maybe your stepmom or why not your auntie. You have one life! Join this MILF on OnlyFans and she will give you want you need.  

Nottingham, England

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