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Foxy✨ Biography

If you love theming in sex and cosplay, you're looking in the right place, because yes, this is it. @foxaurus is a girl who is taking more and more relevance in the world of OnlyFans, as if it wasn't already enough with what she has achieved, but there are many reasons, and all of them, can make you finish several times a day for all the rest of your subscription. 

Foxy✨ Net Worth

If you have at your disposal $10 to spare, or want to spend on a good OnlyFans model that will satisfy your carnal or fantasy needs, few better than @foxaurus. She has a community of over 93k subscribers at her disposal, and being able to reach that amount is not something that comes easy, which makes you wonder what you'll be able to get in her content. How much are we talking about? We are talking about a sum of money that exceeds $930 thousand dollars a month. 

Foxy✨'s Private Life

@foxaurus was a girl who was solely dedicated to cosplaying her favorite anime and video game characters. She was the typical girl who attended social comicoms about this kind of theme and participated in contests or cosplay catwalks. Although it is a fun hobby, it did not allow her to reach the sums of money she needed. So she started with OF modeling, and with a community already built, everything else was a matter of time. 

Foxy✨'s Career

What can be said about her career, is everything, but that it has been a failure. The reality, is that @foxaurus has known how to manage such a large community, but not only that, but maintain enough creativity to always be renewing new content that is interesting to her viewers. Let's remember that this world is very competitive, so staying at the top is not something that just anyone can do. 

Foxy✨ on Social Media 

You can find her on 2 different social networks so you can follow her life on a more personal level. The first one, is Instagram, with the username @foxaurus, and with this same username, you will also be able to follow her without problems on the social network Twitter (X). In the latter you will be able to get much more explicit and interesting material, but never compared to her VIP content. 

Foxy✨ Naked

If you find details like gesturing, moaning and positions during sex important, then you're going to have a blast with @foxaurus' content. This girl knows very well what turns a man on, and she has no qualms about fulfilling all that and even more. Would you like to fulfill some fantasy with a character of your liking, and that the video is exclusively for you? Well, you know who you can ask. 

Foxy✨ OnlyFans Leak

You are unlikely to be able to get any of their more explicit or exciting content, due to the fact that the content is copyrighted, so it may present legal issues. On the other hand, it's not worth it, @foxaurus's content really makes sense when you enjoy it for yourself, and more so if they are custom orders. Support her so that she keeps creating good reasons for a handjob. 

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About roxy 😇💖

DADDY I'm here to make you cum for FREE!!😍💦🙈

💖Cute anime psycho kawai pervert babygirl💖


I like to read manga, and watch anime, I like gore, monsters and hentai of monsters and yokais, I like bad and absurd movies like tarantino's planet terror, scary movie... psychological movies too, I listen to all kinds of music depending on the mood I'm in, I don't like to cook but I'm vegetarian and I love to try food from vegan restaurants, I like to draw and cosplay, I like videogames and computer games🎮 but I don't have time to play them :(, I really like to make clothes, sew them from 0 or buy second-hand clothes and give them a totally different image, I really like being massaged and pampering on the head, I also like to take photos and videos with the camera and edit them, I like to do all the process that involves producing audiovisual content, from preparing the stage, hair or wig, makeup,

the outfit, the colors, the angles... I love animals, they make me very happy🖤🖤

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