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Emily is a 19 year old horny college girl from England who has made a big name for herself on OnlyFans. She's not just any creator; she shares sexy and steamy uncensored videos and pictures that you can't find anywhere else. Every day, she posts new stuff, including nudes, sex tapes, and even gifs. What's cool is you can watch her videos of herself, having a fun time masturbating or with another girl right on her page, and you only pay extra if you want to, but it is optional.

Emilysbedroom OnlyFans

She loves telling naughty sex stories and sharing her fantasies, making her videos even more exciting. She's also quick to make videos just for you, do live streams, and even chat live, making sure everything feels personal and just for you. Emily's all about making real friends on her page. She shares bits about her life, like her love for walking in nature, cars, music, ice hockey, and more. She tells all kinds of stories, both naughty and nice, and loves to chat with her followers.

But Emily's page is more than just videos and chats. She posts full length sex tapes, not just short clips, and she's all about making a real connection with her fans. You can chat with her any time without extra cost, and she makes sure you know it's always Emily you're talking to.

Emilysbedroom NSFW content

With over 400 photos and 300 videos that are too hot for anywhere else, Emily's page is very popular and will have you scrolling for hours and begging to see more of her, with over 300k likes from fans. She also lets her fans spoil her with gifts from her Amazon wishlist, gifts such as sex toys and lingerie sets which she uses in her videos. One of her fans left her a review, saying she's great because she loves making content, which is very rare these days, and talks about anything, even normal stuff like shopping. She's a bit more expensive than some, but her fans think she's worth it.

Emily is known for her 4K quality videos straight from her phone, focusing on naughty roleplays and her fans' deepest, darkest fantasies. If you want something just for you, she makes custom videos fast. With around 10,300 subscribers, she's making good money and is one of the top creators on OnlyFans.

Emilysbedroom appearance

She has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes, and she likes girls a bit more than guys. This makes her page even more interesting for her fans. Emily is not just making videos; she's creating a place where you can explore and talk about anything. It's not just about watching; it's about being part of a community.

So, if you're looking for a place where you can see exclusive content and make a real friend, Emily's Bedroom is the perfect spot. She's a young, fun British girl who brings something special to OnlyFans, making sure her fans always have something exciting to see and talk about.

📍nearby - 7.5km

230 photos
66 video
296 posts
About Emily ✨

Hey there!😇 ***(click read more😉)***

Welcome to the ***most genuine*** and ***interactive page*** on onlyfans! ❤️

I’m Emily, im 19 and from England; subscribing down below is the key to unlocking **all of my naughtiest secrets!** 💕🔑

There are NO ADVERTS on my page, just naughty fun! 🍆

What To Expect;

☁️ My page is explicit with photos, videos and gifs, *I also do random hour long lives every day that get pretty naughty* 😳

☁️ My page has **girl on girl content, solo content and boy/girl content** !

☁️ I’m an amateur but my orgasms are pornstar quality! (I film in full 4K also🫣)

☁️ I do customs, live shows and sexting which are **ALWAYS live** and include your name!

***Not sure how to strike up a conversation?*** well my interests are cars, ice hockey, music and the gym 🍌 I also enjoy talking about our daily lives, as im a **college student** ! 🥰 I have some funny stories to tell and I’m sure you do too!

... *hey, why are you still reading and not in my dms?!* 😜

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