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It was by sending solo movies to her strip club patrons that this ex-stripper first dipped her toes (and pussy) in the profession. At the age of 18, she decided to transition to porn since she enjoyed being viewed so much. And now she became a pornstar onlyfans model as well. She claims she has no singing talent, but her presence makes our hearts grow-and our dicks as well. Elsa's long-term goals are admirable, and we support her decision to continue her education. However, we look forward to seeing her in a wide range of naughty settings, both on camera and in our dreams.


Meet ElsaJean, her full name is Sapphire Nicole Howell. She is a real gem born in 1996 under the sign of Virgo. She is 160 cm tall and weighs 55 kg, but her small frame hides her naughty personality. With doll-like features, such as long, luscious blonde hair, dark green eyes, and big, glossy lips that are ready for a throatpie. 


The main event, though? Her banger body. With the perfect hourglass figure, bouncy, perky boobs, and a bubbly round butt. She has rose tattoos on her hip and shoulder that look like they belong to a queen.

Net worth

She earns money via acting in porn, stripping, and running a porn OnlyFans page. In addition, for $79, you can get a fleslight that's been custom-made to look just like her wet tight pussy. Elsa Jean has a net worth estimated at $3.2 million as of right now.


Buckle up, because we have amazing news. She currently has a free onlyfans account. And because she is very dedicated to her work and her fans, she arrived in the 1% top onlyfans creators by earrings. Make a good impression, because this is the only place where she interacts with her fans. Don't miss out on Elsa's exciting world by skimming over her captivating story and home page. She also does some live streams from time to time. Imagine the thrill if she decides to do more as she was already thinking about this. So keep an eye out.


She definitely is a squirter queen and she loves rubbing her pussy and making a big mess everywhere while she cums. She is also a fan of se toys, from dildos to vibrators, she tries everything. Join her in a hot bubble bath during live streams, while she slowly takes her swimsuit off, revealing her big, bouncy boobs. And if you are interested in a steamy threesome, Elsa sometimes performs one as well. We bet you are already hot at the thought of this bombshell sucking the last drop of cum out of your cock, so head out to her free onlyfans while you still can.


With over 630 million views, this blonde bombshell knows how to keep you satisfied. From hardcore threesomes with other sexy babes, sucking a big black cock, lesbian content to romp anal, she's a steamy wild ride. 


Elsajean, the blonde beauty with brains, has 600K followers hanging on her every tweet. From witty humor to profound thoughts, she keeps the conversation rolling.


With 2.7M Instagram followers, the pornstar treats you to her "Heartbraker" podcast glimpses. Her feed is a mix of stunning professional photoshoots and raw moments from her lavish lifestyle, offering a full spectrum of her captivating world.


1.5k photos
130 video
1.6k posts
About Elsa Jean 🩷

Hi everyone! Super excited we have this amazing platform to spoil each other on and get personal 💋

Should I do more ***Live Streaming*** on here??? ☺️ 💕

❣️IG: https://instagram.com/elsajeanofficial?igshid=w1vpbgee7ikn

❣️Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElsaJeanxxx?s=20

❣️Fleshlight: https://www.fleshlight.com/products/elsa-jean

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