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Ellie Leen is from the beautiful streets of Amsterdam, Netherlands. She was born on April 7, 1997. She's more than just a beautiful person; she's a fitness model who knows how to grab attention. Ellie Leen is here to capture your heart, and your cock, with a sparkle in her eyes and a bounce in her step. The second you will see that heavenly body, lots of naughty thoughts will invade your mind. And who can blame you honestly? I mean, that peach ass, those perfectly round tits, and the devilish smile? We get it.


Ellie Leen is a masterpiece in motion. With her long, shiny brown hair that flows like a river, she frames a face that holds a world of filthy, wild secrets. Her brown eyes are like deep pools of mystery, and her athletic body is very toned, which is proof of her dedication. Her long, lean legs stretch for miles, and her hourglass figure is hard to miss and inviting. With a playful but innocent look, she is a riddle wrapped in an enigma, and she's here to tease you in ways you haven’t imagined.

Net worth

Ellie Leen has not only a wealth of talent but also a net worth of $500,000. Her modeling career, combined with her social media prowess, has helped her amass this fortune. She's partnered with numerous brands, earning from their advertisements. But she doesn't stop there; her OnlyFans account stands strong with a regular subscription price of $15 per month and over 440,000 likes. Her talent, combined with her business knowledge, has made her a financial force to be reckoned with.


This top onlyfans model loves being your submissive little doll. This is the only place where you can chat with her 1-on-1, and enjoy her frequent exclusive content. Ellie truly values and appreciates every single one of her fans. She genuinely enjoys making their deepest fantasies come true. 'Cum' and join her today! You can be confident that every moment you spend with her will be absolutely delightful. 


Ellie's Instagram is a work of art. Her body looks as if it was painted by Picasso, and she chooses the most stunning, tightest clothes to highlight her out-of-this-world curves. Whether she's posing in a bikini on a pristine beach or in a glamorous gown at a high-end event, every post is a masterpiece. Of course, she doesn't waste a chance to snap a selfie or photograph that will leave you feeling both horny and captivated.


On Twitter, Ellie Leen is a tease in every tweet. This top onlyfans gem offers a different kind of content, one that will tickle your curiosity and make you want to discover more. Her playful yet enticing tweets will have you eagerly waiting for what she'll post next. You can discover her tits and those perky, hard nipples that need to be licked. You can see that peachy-ass twerking and the next thing you'll know is you subscribing to her top onlyfans profile.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3.8k photos
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About Ellie

Join my naughty world - and I’ll be your good little submissive girl🥰

My onlyfans is the only place where you can chat with me 1-on-1, enjoy my daily exclusive content, and exchange pics.I truly appreciate every one of my fans, and enjoy making their fantasies come true!💖

I promise you won’t regret the minute you join me👼🏼

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