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Claire Bear's Biography

Have you ever been turned on by a gym buddy? Well it's time for you to meet @cclaire.bbearxo, this curly blonde is a fitness model who loves to grab any kind of barbell. Claire Bear is an influencer hailing from Santa Barbara California, she's been on the Onlyfans for a few years now, getting followers from all over the world to see her addictive body all over the internet. If you want a girl who's healthy but loves to party, read on.

Claire Bear's Net Worth

First we have to know that her net worth is very high, as she is a professional fitness model and must earn a good amount over there, but her little blue page also produces part of her profit, @cclaire.bbearxo generates an average of $50,000 a month. This beautiful blonde lives the life she wants, she spends her time from party to party and travel to travel, and how could she not if her gorgeous body deserves it.

Claire Bear's Private Life

You've never seen a gym fanatic girl as sexy as Claire Bear, this girl has a voracious dedication, toning her body is a serious task and she doesn't waver in the face of fatigue and sweat, if that's how she is in the gym imagine in your bed. Our pretty @cclaire.bbearxo likes champagne and enjoys a few drinks on occasions of relaxation and partying. She's a pro determined to eat the world, she doesn't like anyone to slow her down or get in her way on her way to heaven.

Claire Bear's Career

@cclaire.bbearxo has been modeling in general for several years now, because posing her toned body in front of a camera gives her pleasure, looking pretty and feeling healthy have been the pillars for this sizzling blonde. Claire fulfilled the request of many followers who had the desire to see this hottie in her wildest side, and after a few months of tears and pleas this beauty decided to share photos as God brought her into the world, generating that her profile collapsed of likes.

Claire Bear on Social Media 

This beauty has a whole catalog of networks, from her professional Instagram @cclaire.bbear which has an incredible 780,000 followers, her twitter @cclairebbear1, where she promotes much more her Only and gives away hot photos to everyone. Claire Bear also has Tik Tok @cclaire_bbear where she has a million and a half followers, here she shares sensual videos and a more authentic side of her daily life. We recommend you to go through all her networks, you won't be disappointed my friend.

Claire Bear's Naked

Her nude body is expensive, but worth every penny, her channel has varied content, from suggestive videos and photos, to multimedia dedicated to the hottest. She is very loving to those who spend more and has a vips club, made up of people who pay more than 200 dollars, where it is rumored that everything is juicy, delicious and sacred. Don't miss your chance to see @cclaire.bbearxo with nothing on.

Claire Bear's Onlyfans Leak

She's a superstar dude, so it's normal that some of her free content can be leaked, but from her vip or paid channel nothing will escape. So we invite you to enjoy directly by contacting @cclaire.bbearxo, who takes away and gives you a freebie.

Santa Barbara, California

565 photos
15 video
344 posts
About Claire Bear

ucsb student 🤓 fitness addict 🍑 bikini lover 👙

sharing exclusive content just for my subs! get to know more about me with a deeper look into my daily life🤪

TIP 200 to join VIP (more attention, discounted/free content, first looks, private workouts and customs❤️)

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