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Bailey Johnson’s Biography

Nice breasts, nice ass, with a submissive personality, and a pink pussy to enjoy her day and night, that and more is what the beautiful Bailey, also known on her verified OF as @baileybi, offers us. This cutie is going to push you to the limits with her angel face, but knowing her well you'll know just how naughty she is and what she's willing to do just because you finish her off. 

Bailey Johnson's Net Worth

The subscription to her OnlyFans is only $10 a month, but don't let this confuse you, it doesn't mean at all that this girl doesn't have good earnings. On the contrary, to your surprise, she currently has more than 16 thousand loyal subscribers, who consume a variety of content every month. Just doing some simple math, it is possible that our @baileybi is earning more than 160 thousand dollars a month. 

Did you thought she was just a pretty face?

Bailey Johnson's Private Life

You may not know it, but @baileybi is a lover of sleeping with people of the same sex, but she never dismisses the idea of being able to share a really good cock. In fact, the beginning of her career as a porn content creator was with her lesbian partner, and since then she hasn't stopped pleasing her audience. 

Bailey Jhonson's Career 

You'd be surprised at the repertoire of what @baileybi is capable of. From playing with toys of all kinds, to having intense live squirts, enjoying a good anal, and if you enjoy foot fetish, well let me tell you, she loves it. So here you will have a gold mine, and her 16 thousand subscribers confirm the quality, simply, a successful career.

Bailey Johnson on Social Media 

Let's talk a bit about her social networks, as @baileybi is not closed at all to the idea that her followers can know more about her and her life and thoughts. You can get her on Instagram as bibailey2021, and likewise on Twitter (X) with the username @Bibailey2021. But it doesn't all end there, if you want even something more personal, you can follow her Facebook, as Bailey Johnson. 

Bailey Johnson Naked

@baileybi loves to have a much closer relationship with her subscribers, in fact, she loves to engage in conversations of all kinds with them. So you can suggest some kind of content to her, and in the vast majority, she agrees to fulfill your fantasies. And come on, taking into account her followers, she does it very well. But it's no wonder, she's a beautiful girl with an exciting body that more than one would like to smash against the wall. Well, that's part of what you'll find once you pay for her subscription.

Bailey Johnson's OnlyFans Leak

Filtered content from @baileybi? You'd better abandon this idea, which also does not contribute to her being able to continue with us uploading quality content. 

What we recommend is that you can pay her subscription, support her, and without so much effort, start enjoying everything she offers, which is not at all little.

12 MI Away

486 photos
141 video
628 posts
About Bailey Johnson

Let me be your Cowgirl🐴

I personally reply to ALL of my messages EVERYDAY! I feel it's important to make a connection with you.

If your rebill is on, you get special treatment 🙈

I DO..

❁ Unlimited chatting


❁ G/G

❁ Toys

❁ Squirting

❁ B/G

❁ Feet

❁ Anal

I truly love interacting on here and I'm always open to suggestions, come chat with me about anything and everything. xoxo

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