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  Jhene Rose


     Jhenerose is a 23 year old social media star and adult fashion model from Los Angeles, USA. Born on July 13, 2001, making her a cancer, Jhene has become a big name online, especially on Instagram and OnlyFans. She's known for being “the friendly and fun girl next door”, always ready to chat and make her fans happy. Her OnlyFans page, which costs just 3.31 dollars per month to join, is a place where she connects closely with her horny followers, promising to be their "private little freak."



  Social media

     On OnlyFans, Jhene has a huge presence with 1.4k posts, 100 videos that have gathered 763k likes, which will have you scrolling for hours. Her fans love her page for the engaging posts and personal interactions. Before her main Instagram account @jhenerose got deleted at 2.8 million followers, she was a major influencer there, known for her steamy lingerie photos and videos.




     Jhene is pretty and petite, standing at 5 feet 3 inches tall (160 cm) and weighing about 120 lbs. (54 kg). Her body measurements are 34A-26-36, showing off a slim and curvy figure. She has black hair and dark brown eyes, which add to her beautiful look. Jhene's fashion sense is bold and sexy, often featuring her favorite colors, red and black.


  Personal life

     She started gaining attention for her fashion blogging on Instagram. Her photos and videos quickly went viral, making her famous among a lot people, especially teenage girls. Jhene keeps her personal life very private. Not much is known about her family, school, or boyfriends. This mystery makes her even more interesting to her fans.

     Jhene is more than just a pretty face. She uses her social media skillfully. She promotes brands, especially lingerie and swimwear, through her Instagram. She also loves traveling and sharing different parts of her life, making her posts fun and exciting to follow.



 Her relationship status is single, which is part of her appeal. She focuses on her work, building her brand and connecting with her fans. Her Instagram is full of sexy lifestyle and fashion content that both inspires and entertains her followers. She comes across as genuine and down-to-earth, which her fans love.




     On OnlyFans, under the name 'baberose', Jhene shares more personal and uncensored content. This platform has helped her become even more popular, showing her diverse talents and willingness to explore different types of kinks and fetishes, which her fans seem to love.


     By 2022, Jhene has earned about $1 million, showing how successful she has become. This success comes from her hard work, creativity, and smart use of social media. Her journey from a well-known Instagram model to a favorite on OnlyFans is very impressive. 

     Jhene Rose represents the new generation of influencers. She shows how passion, creativity, and connecting with people online can lead to big success. Her story is inspiring, proving that showing your naughty side and being your true self and working hard can make you a star online. 


86 photos
4 video
90 posts
About Jhene💛 #1 Asian Onlyfans🥇

heyaa i'm Jhene! i lovee talking to new people and currently looking for someone I can be a private little freak for:)

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