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If you're looking for a curvy cutie or if you're simply a fan of gigantic boobies and a breathtaking ass, you'll be loving this British bombshell right here!
Time to follow this voluptuous and busty babe from the United Kingdom on all her social media channels so you won't be missing out on her fantastic and impressive 32F cup size (which she flashes a lot on Twitter), sweet curves and a contagious smile!

Aruwba (Also known as: Aruba Jasmine, Aruwba, Aruba Juice) is an only fans creator, an embodiment of allure and beauty. Her stunning, curly hair frames her face perfectly, complementing her captivating dark eyes that hold an irresistible charm. She is born on the 3rd of July 1993, her zodiac sign is Cancer. She is 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) and weighs 58 kilograms (127 pounds). Her body measurements are 32-25-37 inches, with a waist size of 25 inches and hip size of 37 inches. Aruwba has blonde hair and brown eyes. Her Latin features add an exotic touch to her overall aesthetic, making her an icon of beauty and sensuality. Her body is true perfection, a tiny waist that is just perfect to be squeezed, big and soft boobs and a bouncy big ass. Her glossy, full lips are always ready to suck you off.
And if you are impressed with just this, hold on, she is not done surprising you yet! This voluptuous angel also worked in the porn world. Aruba Jasmine was born and raised in England, it shouldn't come as a big surprise that she has worked for many European-based adult film studios. However, her adult works aren't limited to European productions only, far from it! In fact, she can be seen wigglin' her mesmerizing and massive tits in major porn productions by world famous porn studios such as Digital Playground, and even made her debut as a pornstar by starring in some wild Brazzers films.

Aruwba's interaction with fans is unreal, setting her apart from the other only fans creators. As she states herself "I DM so much you will get tired of me!". Her approach is personal and engaging, she loves getting to know her fans, creating a sense of intimacy and genuine connections. In her posts you will find full explicit videos of her pussy getting fucked, masturbating, creampies and even some G/ G (girl/ girl) action, cosplay and so much more.

With a remarkable community of 777k followers, her content definitely being NSFW. You will either see her extremely small bikini photos that leave barely any place for imagination to come in. No bra can contain her huge soft boobs and she makes sure she shares that with the whole wide world. And because she is such a confident goddess, some of her sexiest lingerie is revealing part of her hairy pussy that would make the most juiciest sitface you could imagine.

She managed to built an impressive community here, of over 1 million followers, with her bubbly personality and her stunning nudes of her delicious pussy, with or without hair. She is not shy to show herself off . Tell me you are not not even curious now to go and check out her content on aruwba's only fans account and DM her!


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Get access to all my private vids and pics, I post full explicit posts daily with no paywalls or PPV! Full length vids INCLUDED!

I DM so much you will get tired of me!👀🙈😽

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