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Amylu Bennett

Amylu Bennett, known online as Strap-on Mommy or @amylu, is a big deal on OnlyFans, famous for running a very interactive and BDSM friendly page. As one of the top 0.2% creators on the whole platform, she has made a name for herself not just for what she posts, but for how she connects with her fans. She loves kinks and fetishes and her page will treat you to a good selection. Amylu is best known as β€œThe queen of strap-ons” and she definitely lives up to that name. More often than not, fans can see her wearing a BBC strap-on.

Mistress Amylu kinks and fetishes content

Amylu used to be a page 3 and TV model, and now, she's known for dominating and taking charge in her content. She's into all sorts of things like strap-on and pegging, giving out cum eating instructions (CEI), being a jerk off instructions (JOI) Queen, and more. She's great at changing up her content, which keeps things interesting.

Amylu's content includes live games, shows, and personal video calls. She also does phone calls and video calls for a more personal connection. She encourages her fans to talk to her, asking them to share their names, where they're from, their favorite fetishes, what they like about her, and their favorite videos. This makes her fans feel more connected to her.

Mistress Amylu OnlyFans

Amylu currently runs two OnlyFans accounts. Her free account, @amylu, is where she gives previews of her content. Her other account, @thesissyhotel, is more exclusive and offers a no-PPV, ad-free experience. This VIP account is like a club where subscribers get special treatment, like free videos on their wall, personal ratings, and tasks. They also get to join in on virtual sissy parties and roleplay being caught as a β€œsissy”.

This VIP account is a place for fans who are into specific things. With thousands of photos and videos, she has earned over 500,000 likes from her fans. She's especially good at small penis humiliation (SPH), making her the go-to person for fans who enjoy this.

About Mistress Amylu

She stands out with her long black hair that reaches down to her ass, and she's proud of her curvy, more chubby figure. She often wears leather and latex outfits that show off her big boobs and her dominatrix style.

Celebrating her birthday on February 5th, Amylu's personality is bold and in charge. She enjoys doing dick ratings and small dick mocking, often including these in her interactions with fans.

In short, Amylu Bennett is more than just someone who makes content on OnlyFans. She's a mistress who knows how to dominate the online world. With her mix of professional modeling background, a strong presence, and understanding of what her fans want, her page, especially the Sissy Hotel Club, is a unique spot in adult entertainment. Her approach of mixing professional experience with a personal touch makes her stand out. Her success shows how being interactive and understanding your audience can lead to a strong following online.


12.2k photos
2.5k video
12.6k posts


Highly interactive page, no spam, voicenotes, lots of games, personal video calls and live shows!

πŸ–€ 0.2% creator in the world 🌍

πŸ–€ ex page 3 and tv model

πŸ–€ strap on / peggging

πŸ–€ CEI

πŸ–€ JOI Queen πŸ‘‘

πŸ–€ ruined orgasms

πŸ–€ daily themed days

πŸ–€ latex, pvc end boots

πŸ–€ phone calls/video calls

πŸ–€ Sissy lessons


πŸ–€ be my slave experience

πŸ–€ cock ratings inc humiliation SPH

πŸ–€ live games and strip shows

πŸ–€ custom content


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