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aliya Biography 

While it is true that this girl is as her own username says, the truth is that aliya seems to us something too little for what she really impacts visually. This is @aliyaivy, an OnlyFans model with great gifts and very good reasons for you to start following her, and we're not just talking about her body. This girl knows how to move, knows what to do and when at the right time. Something we deserve to see at least once in a lifetime. 

aliya Net Worth 

This girl is so awesome, that even having such a recent OnlyFans, she has at her disposal a community of subscribers that exceed 196 thousand. Her subscription is free, but of course, in order to see her content you need to pay for it, managing rates from $20 to $40 dollars. If we take all this into account, it means that @aliyaivy is generating profits of 5 million dollars per month, or at least every time it releases new content.

aliya Private Life

@aliyaivy is a pretty simple girl, and is not usually of many words in her networks or digital platforms in general, her way of showing what she knows and thinks, is through her content in OnlyFans, in which she transforms into a whole beast swallows milk. But her physique, accompanied by an extraordinary beauty, make this girl a true sex symbol. 

aliya Career

Her modeling career we already mentioned is relatively new, and yet, despite this and the little content her platform has, she is generating earnings that not even the most famous and active models have been able to generate in their entire career. It's really crazy, and everything indicates that @aliyaivy will continue to upload content casually, because although she does it for fun, her mischief is making her one of the richest OF models in the world.

aliya on Social Media 

She has at her disposal only one and only Instagram, where you can follow her to see more about her, her body and her life, of course. Although I have to warn that she is not very active through this platform either, everything seems to indicate that @aliyaivy likes to value her privacy and moments of her life a lot. Reason why she is so praised every time she makes an appearance, everyone is waiting for something new. 

aliya Naked

You can't say you've really enjoyed your life, if you didn't get to see @aliyaivy naked on camera. It's simply every man's desire when he wants a real woman by his side. Anyone would kill for her, but since she knows what she's worth and she's not with just anyone, well, she's an OF model. Of course, she loves webcamming, so you should request a special session to satisfy your fantasies.

aliya OnlyFans Leak

Finding VIP filtered content from @aliyaivy on other platforms, is as absurd as looking for water in a desert, not to say that it is scarce, in this case, it does not exist. She takes very good care of her content, what little she has, and if you want to enjoy it, you will have to pay for it. 

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